Have you ever heard of the term Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow Children? Are you perhaps an Indigo child yourself? Who exactly are these special children and how do you know if your child might be one as well?

Rainbow children are the new generation of children that have incarnated on this planet during this particular time in order to help us raise the frequency of the earth and bring a new era of peace and light to this planet.

Most Rainbow children have never been on this planet before and have no previous karma. They are very old souls and carry wisdom and knowledge from ancient times and other dimensions. These children live their life from a place of unconditional love and have the ability to change the world around them through their kindness and love. They are very sensitive, have highly empathic skills, a strong intuition and an innate knowing of right and wrong. They are extremely intelligent and often have a special gift in sciences, the arts or healing.

Often misdiagnosed with ADD/ ADHD and Autism, these children are being labeled and put in a box that “marks” them as “not fully functioning.” The truth is that because of their kind and sensitive nature these children need to be nurtured and given the support and the environment needed to develop their skills and talents so that they can bring their gifts forward into the world. Many parents and even educators have little or no knowledge about the nature of these special children; parents are confronted to deal with the labeling of their children. Many children nowadays are being put on psycho-active medications and are deprived of an environment that would provide the right support and nurturing for them.

If given a nurturing environment these children will be able to change the world. And many of them have already started to do that. From creating scientific break throughs to heal the environment or new findings in medicine, to healing people through their art, when these children are on their purpose nothing can stop them and the possibilities become limitless.

As parents, grandparents, teachers, and healthcare practitioners it is our utmost responsibility to educate ourselves about these special children and create a loving environment in which they can thrive and bring their magnificence into the world.