Joey Downs has pursued her path in teaching and healing with SouLove Center as her main venue in fulfilling this life purpose. She began her spiritual journey many years ago while living in Spain and her growth has unfolded in amazing ways since then, inspiring her to create her own ways in making a difference in people’s lives.

As she learned about children’s sensitivities and their energies, Joey was inspired to found The Children’s Beading Circle. The Children’s Beading Circle is a series of workshops based on ancient rhythmic arts movement for kids that helps promote calmness, focus, cognitive and fine motor skills development through bead work.

From this growing community of children and parents who are opening up to the new dynamics of child development. Joey has founded SouLove Rainbow Children, a community that offers support structures, empowering parents and children to create deeper connections, awareness and understanding with each other. This program consists of highly specialized tools and activities that support both parents and children.

Joey has also highlighted her Intuitive Coaching and Counseling practice, which caters to those who are in deep discovery of their soul’s purpose and those seeking to shed light on challenging relationships including relationships with the self. She facilitates one of SouLove’s best-selling workshops, Soul Contracts, which cracks a new code about soulmates, twin flames and relationships. Her knowledge and expertise are further enhanced as she herself learns from each healing session and workshop, then applying these learnings to help empower others in their path.


Joey Downs instagram: @downsjoa