After Studying Psychology/ Philosophy in University and being in a Corporate Executive Sales position for over a decade, Karina has come to gain a deep understanding of the human psyche and the impact on habitual limiting human behavior. As a result, she is passionate about empowering people to raise their consciousness and ignite their wild-ish nature by creating a conscious connection and heart bridge with our Source and Mother Earth.

As a Certified Assertiveness Coach, Reiki Master and Registered Nutritional Consultant, Karina Olszewski is an intuitive guide for self-aware women who are feeling stuck and disconnected from themselves and their children.  She helps women who find that they are feeling overwhelmed, reactive, confused and stressed out to connect with their intuition, so that they can set healthy boundaries and feel more loving and peaceful moment-to-moment.

You can check out her mission of inspiring others in raising our collective energy vibration through her blogging website, or follow her story on her growing 15,000 people Wildgoods instagram account, where she shares insights through her original, digitally enhanced photo edits with infused Reiki and Sacred Geometry over lays.

She is currently living on the West Coast of Canada, on Salt Spring Island, consciously parenting her indigo daughter Ellie Chakra, and ushering in a New Earth.