Lucie Valisova Hake was born in the Czech Republic. She left her homeland after finishing school in Marianke Lazne where she studied Hotel Management and Hospitality for five years. She relocated to Chicago, Illinois in 2003 where she then met her now husband Larry Hake, an Executive of a Fortune 500 Company.
Lucie and Larry have two children, a girl Li’ianela (8 years old) and a boy Lucas (5 years old). They now live in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Three years ago Lucie was inspired to start ILA (International Little Artists Foundation). ILA is now in 24 countries. Her vision is to be in every country on the planet. She believes that connecting the “Unheard Children” in the World will help in overcoming our biases and assist in creating a world where today’s children will be able to work together. Thousands of Children have already participated and have been inspired.