Episode Guide for Season 1

“Raising Children from the Heartspace”:
Szilvia Nagy talks about her journey with her son who was labeled with selective mustism at an early age. This diagnosis put her on her own healing path while looking for alternatives to help her son.

“Indigo Communication”:
Susan Buonocore talks about the new generation of Indigo and Rainbow children, the obstacles these wonderful children are facing (especially when it comes to education as well as interaction with others) and how to overcome them. She gives practical advice to parents, educators and therapists about what we can do to support these children in order to become string individuals.

“Nutrition Conscious Parenting”:
After her son got diagnosed with ADD (Attention Defizit Disorder), Claire Candy Hough started taking the reigns into her own hands while waiting for her son’s appointment with a specialist. Find out how she was able to help her son just by changing his nutrition program.

“Nurturing the Indigo Soul”:
Claire Candy Hough talks about how working and communicating with the angles helps children gain confidence, self-respect and trust. Indigo and Rainbow children are extremely sensitive and can feel the beautiful energy of the angels. They can achieve great comfort in stressful situations when being taught how to connect to the angels.

“Children: Our Future”:
Cecily Miller, PhD, talks about why it is so important to lay a strong foundation for children. Children are our future, and through conscious parenting and creating compassionate conditions for our children we can help them thrive. If we really want to create a peaceful future, it starts with the first beginnings, pregnancy and early childhood.

“Family Connections:
Laying a healthy foundation for children starts during pregnancy. What can expecting parents do to support that foundation from the start?

Dr Colbey Forman, Chief Psychoneurologist of the ABP (American Board of Psychoneurology) and Dean of Beurin University talks about how Psychoneurology helps children thrive. The model of Psychoneurology steps away from the pathological way of creating labels. Instead it teaches that we are all whole and complete. It teaches us to use our conscious and unconscious mind to focus on joy, love and expansion, rather than on the negative. If we learn how to focus our mind, if we learn about the power of our thoughts and emotions, we can help children as well as adults created thriving lives.

“The Gifts of the Children”:
Many children have been facing challenges in their environment. From the educational system to peer group pressure, these children often are under a lot of stress. In this interview Dr Colbey Forman talks about how we can create resources so that children feel nurtured, how we can teach them to manage their state so they can move into a place of strength and happiness and how to support them to live a joyful life. It is by giving children strong emotional resources and creating positive anchors that they will thrive and feel supported to bring their gifts into the world.

“The Heart of the Indigo”:
In this heartfelt interview, Fiona Thomas shares her experiences as a teacher and counselor who has worked with numerous children. She also shares her own story about raising her three Indigo children, the challenges, the joys and how she these experiences are helping her support the new generation of Indigo and rainbow children today. Her advice for parents is, “It is good to be different. Teach children how to feel save to be themselves!”

“Teaching Love”:
Masters such as Paramahansa Yogananda, the Dalai Lama as well as political figures such as Nelson Mandela have shown through their lives how love can heal and change anything. Teaching love and through love is one of the most important things we can give to a child. Listen to Dr Colbey Forman as he shows how we ourselves can learn to create more love in our life as well as the lives of our children by following the lessons of these masters. It is really by teaching love and joy that children will thrive.