Episode Guide for Season 2

“A New Humanity”:
Substantial shifts can be made in our society and in this world if we can give children support, nurturing and love from the start. Listen to Cecily Miller, PhD as she talks about creating a new humanity by the way we raise our children. From pregnancy to early childhood, children need to have a feeling of safety in order to create a strong sense of self.

“Yoga Nidra for Children”:
Diane Renu Zagoria is a Yoga Nidra teacher who loves working with children and has been creating a special yoga program for them. Children are facing so many stresses in their daily environment, from school, to peer group pressure to being sensitive to their environment. Find out how Yoga Nidra helps children to stay balanced when facing challenges or stressful situations.

“Raising the Indigo Child”:
Teresa and Frankie, mother and daughter, share their experience about what it is like to be an Indigo child. What makes the Indigos so unique? How do they react to their environment? What do we have to become aware of in order to support these beautiful children?

“Supporting the Indigo Child”:
In the second part of this interview, Teresa and Frankie talk about the challenges the Indigo children are facing and what we can do to help them shift these challenges. They talk about shifts we can create in school to support the different ways of learning. The Indigo children are a true gift to this world. Find out what they need in order to bring forth these gifts.

“Finding your Place in the World”:
Nathanael Alba, a twenty year old teacher and healing facilitator from the Philippines, shares information on how to support children. He talks about his own journey as he was growing up and how he found his place in the world. Creating a strong foundation, listening and moving into joy are elements of support that help children thrive.

“Healing the World”:
This is part two of the interview with Nathanael Alba, a twenty year old spiritual teacher and healer from the Philippines. Nathan shares how we can bring healing to the world by following our passions and doing what makes us happy. He encourages people to take chances, to listen to their heart and find their community to receive the support they desire. He states that by doing what brings us joy, we can create world peace.

“The Highly Sensitive Child”:
Who are the highly sensitive children? Who are the Indigo children? Rainbow children? Crystal children? Maureen Healy, award winning author, talks about the characteristics of these children. How do they react differently to the world? What challenges are they facing? How do you recognize that you have a highly sensitive child? She offered solutions to parents on how to nurture these children and bring out their best!

“Mentoring the Highly Sensitive Child”:
Maureen Healy, author of “Growing Happy Kids”, has created a mentoring program for children. Here she talks about her experiences from working with children from all over her world and shares information on how to support highly sensitive children. If you have a highly sensitive child or indigo child, Maureen will have wonderful information for you, so that you can help your children step into their gifts, deal with life challenges and navigate through life with ease.

“An Indigo Healer”:
Iris Tanz is a licensed acupuncturist, holistic healer and an Indigo adult. Growing up in an environment that wasn’t aware of how to support her gifts, she faced many challenges, but ultimately was able to find her calling. After meeting her mentor, she started studying many different healing modalities, developing her own technique and now works successfully in her practice in Los Angeles. In this interview, Iris shares her journey to encourage others to find their gifts as well.

“An Indigo Mother”:
Iris Tanz is a healer and a mother of two year old twins. Only after her children were born did Iris learn that she was an Indigo herself. Having faced her own challenges while growing up, she really implements the knowledge of being an Indigo adult and the mother of two Indigo girls in the way she is raising her children. She talks about the gifts of the Indigos, as well as what they need to feel supported. She gives information about what she would like to see created in educational systems as well as communities to create a support system for the Indigos.

“An Indigo Life”:
Dana and Jay knew when Tanner was little that he was an Indigo and looked for solutions and inspiration on how to raise an Indigo child. Tanner and his parents Dana and Jay talk about the characteristics of Indigo children, what it is like to be an Indigo; the challenges and solution children are facing with the educational system as well as the gifts these children bring to the world.