Episode Guide for Season 3

“A New Generation of Children”:
In the first episode this three part interview, bestselling author and international speaker Diana Coopr talks about the new generation of children that has come to the planet to help with the Ascension process. She talks about the gifts of these children and explains what their mission is.

“The Children of the New Golden Age”:
Part two of the interview series with Diana Cooper. Diana, an expert on Atlantis, talks about the social structures of the Atlantean Golden Age, the way children were raised and educated and the close communities during this time. Many of the children who are currently incarnating carry the memories of the Golden Age of Atlantis and they have come to this planet to anchor in the frequencies of the New Golden Age.

“Supporting the Children of the New Golden Age”:
Part thee of the interview series with Diana Cooper. In this interview we take a look at the new generation of children. Many of these children are highly sensitive, they show a great deal of wisdom even at an early age and are here to teach us about the wonders of the world. Diana Cooper gives practical advise on how to support children, so they can feel nurtured and empowered.

“Healing & Chromesthesia- Communicating through Sights and Sounds”:
Wes Pagano had a near death experience as a child that resulted in intense anxiety and stress and he was one of the first of his generation to be placed on Ritalin. In this interview he shares his story on how he was able to wane off the medication by finding strength through his music and support through his friend.

“Teaching Children Through Communication and Creativity”:
Victoria Seaborn studied Psychology and Child Development, including successfully designing programs for persons who require special learning assistance using multi-sensory inclusion to increase respective and expressive language. In this episode Victoria speaks about her experiences teaching children through story telling, creative arts and a close connection with nature. She also currently works at a Waldorf School in Los Angeles. The Waldorf School program offers an alternative education model for creative and highly sensitive children. Victoria shares details about this model in her interview.

“Finding Your Truth”:
Sara Loos is a healer, author and spiritual teacher. But it wasn’t always like that. Realizing how unhappy she was in her corporate job she went on a journey of self-discovery to find out what would make her happy and she is now helping her clients do the same.
Allow Sara to inspire you on how to live on purpose and find your truth.

“Coaching the Leaders of Tomorrow”:
Children born today will be the leaders of tomorrow. What can we do to raise leaders who want the best for the world, who act out of integrity and truth? In part 2 of the interview with Sara Loos we look at alternatives to the current education structures and ways to empower children to become the leaders of tomorrow.

“Inspiring Education Across the Globe”:
Judy Julin is the founder of CosmiKids, Inspired Parenting and the World Of Wonder Learning Centers. Having worked with children and parents for more than 30 years, Judy shares her inspiration on how to support the new generation of children through play, fun and creativity in the field of education.

“New Paradigms of Education”:
In the second part of the interview, Judy Julin dives deeper into new creative education models. Many children today are being diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder. What if these children (instead of having a psychiatric disorder) are creative geniuses, highly sensitive and all they need is a different educational support system so they can thrive and step into their gifts? Listen to Judy Julin as she shares her wisdom on new paradigms of education that strengthen a child’s gifts and inspire their creativity.

“Indigo: Journey to the Self”:
Being a highly sensitive Indigo child and feeling misunderstood, Karina eventually ended up using drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism to numb the pain. In this interview she shares her deep journey into healing and wholeness and the return to her Self. If you have ever felt like you don’t fit in, that the pain of this planet is too much for you to handle, this interview will empower you to step into the truth of who you are and create the changes necessary to feel whole and complete.

“Raising a Rainbow Child”:
In the second part of the interview, Karina talks about what it is like to raise a Rainbow Child. Drawing from her own experiences, she answers the following questions: What kind of school systems support these highly sensitive children? What kind of environment is best for them? How can nutrition support the emotional well being of these children? What are some of the alternative education models available for rainbow children? Join us in finding out how you can support your rainbow child!

“Healing through Ancient Rhythmic Arts”:
Joey Downs is the founder of “The Children’s Beading Circle” in Manila, Philippines. She currently teaches classes at SouLove for Rainbow Children. Constant interaction with electronics, pressure in the school system and in peer groups, a lack of interpersonal connection and too much stress raises the brainwave state of the child. The inability to focus, concentrate and sit still are only some of the results of a heightened brainwave state. In this interview Joey talks about how ancient rhythmic arts and movement helps children thrive by getting them into an alpha state. Joey also shares her wisdom on how to support the gifts of the highly sensitive Indigo and Rainbow children.