Episode Guide for Season 4

“The Evolution of Motherhood- Part 1”:
Bestselling author Suzi Lula is in conversation with her 14 year old son William on the new paradigm of parenting from a place of self-love and self-care. Suzi asks what her son what he needs in order to feel supported.

“The Evolution of Motherhood- Part 2”:
In part two of our interview with Suzi Lula, we have 11 year old Brooklyn interview Suzi on her book “The Motherhood Evolution” and what it is like to be a mother in today’s age.

“Building Bridges of Peace and Understanding”:
What happens when you listen to children? What happens when you start seeing children as your teacher? Lucie Hake shares how her daughter inspired her to find her own path. That path led to founding “International Littles Artists- The Voice of Unheard Children”, where children are being seen as teachers and are brought together through art. Lucie describes the impact art has on the children she gets to connect with through her organization, and how the work with the children it is affecting her own family life.

“The Voice of the Children”:
In part two of the interview ILA Founder Lucie Hake talks about how art connects children of all abilities and helps to build bridges between different nationalities. She also talks about the healing power of art when it comes to children with abuse or other traumas.

“The Joy of Intuition and the Gift of Healing”:
Being raised in the Philippines, Caren and Bambie were aware of their psychic abilities at an early age. They speak about how they both shut down their gifts during their teenage years and what helped to reawaken them. They talked about the power of having found a community now where their intuitive and healing gifts are supported and acknowledged.

“Empowered Dance Communities”:
Dancer, choreographer and Y.P.A.D. founder Leslie Scott has always had a passion for dance and for her it was a way of self-expression and building communities. She shares her journey into the professional dance world, and how, despite the success she had, her self-esteem started going down. A trip to an orphanage in Mexico changed everything and it was the start of her organization Y.P.A.D. which is dedicated to creating strong dance communities and building self-esteem in children.

“Find your Swag!”:
In part two of her interview, Leslie goes deeper into how media and music is hypersexualizing children and how the increased usage of social media in youth is affecting their self-worth. She talks about her organization Y.P.A.D.’s mission to educate dance instructors and parents, so that we can create a safe dance environment, a healthy body image, increase self-worth and raise children who feel good about who they are. We can all learn how to teach children to find their swag and keep it, no matter of the circumstances.