Sunny Chayes has worked passionately in The Peace Movement, The Environmental Movement, as well as The Global Humanitarian and Productive Change Movement for many years. Sunny has dedicated her life to carry on the work of her family. The Chayes family and the Shapiros were highly influential in politics, environmental accountability, the arts, philanthropy and peaceful conflict resolution policy. Through family, travel, education and opportunity, Sunny has had the great priviledge of being exposed to some of the greatest free thinkers, far ranging journeys and deliciously deepening experiences. All of which she brings to the show ‘SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN’. She is presently working on her personal “WHAT’S NEXT?” and her ever growing belief in The Power of One.
Sunny is also the host of “The Sunny Chayes Show” at UBN Radio where she has interviewed luminaries such as Tom Shadyac, Marianne Williamson and Rev Michael Beckwith.